What is DevOps?

Top Products in DevOps

In Simple english

  • Write / Build Code
  • Share Code, Integrate Code with Team / Teams
  • Build Code, Test Code, Automate Code
  • Deploy Code
  • Continuous Delivery of Code, how to maintain changes and bug fixes
  • Putting all the above with Process is known as DevOps formerly known as ALM

Main Points

  • DevOps is known as ALM (Application Life Cycle Management)
  • Automating human intervention in application development, is known as DevOps
  • What areas in software development can be automated?
  • Core areas are [Build, Test and Deploy]
  • Advantage in Automation is: Release More Often, Faster Bug Fixes
  • In Addition, smaller and more frequent releases

How to Accomplish?

  • In Microsoft world you can use Visual Studio (VS) and Team Foundation Server (TFS)
  • Visual Studio is a tool to write develop software in Microsoft World
  • Team Foundation Server (TFS), is a version control to Store Software Versions
  • TFS: is used for Sharing and Versioning the Software you develop
  • TFS: Integration, workting with Team, TFS take care of all that
  • Why TFS / GIT? Integrate Code, Track and Compare history,


  • GIT
  • TFS